Check out “Every Ugly Word” by Aimee L. Salter!

Every Ugly Word follows 17 year old Ashley who is relentlessly bullied at her high school and by her own mother, and his helplessly in love with her best friend, Matt, who is bullied by his father.


She seeks help by looking to her future self, “Older Me” who supports her through it all and teaches her to love herself. But is she really seeking “Older Me” or is she looking within herself for the answers?


When Ashley looks in the mirror she can see and talk to her future self. “Older Me” has been her support system through her relentless tormentor’s bullying, her unstable mother at home, and her forlorn love for her longtime best friend. But when Ashley discovers “Older Me’s” betrayal, she is targeted in the worst way and impends her last chance with Matt. She’s done with hearing every ugly word.

Remember a while back when I took a chance and reviewed a book for Aimee? (See interview here)

Let me say that I am glad I did. She is now being published by Alloy Entertainment. The same Alloy Entertainment that has had over 75 of their


Let me also explain why this is a big deal. Ever heard of Chuck and Blair’s tumultuous and swoon worthy romance? How about the infamous Elena-Stefan-Elena-Damon-Katherine-Elena-etc-etc-etc relationships in the Vampire Diaries (not to mention every fan’s tears at the end of every episode). Let’s not forget the unending frustrating question of WHO THE HECK “A” IS on PLL!

What do these things all have in common? Alloy Entertainment. (Insert “hallelujah” here)

Now Alloy Entertainment has decided to adopt Aimee. And I trust their judgment. I haven’t read this latest work of Aimee’s, but you guys can all be assured that Every Ugly Word is coming up very shortly on my list.



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