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Giveaway Winner!

Thank you to everyone who entered my giveaway! It was so much fun to host. The winner is Cindy and she will receive a copy of C.J. Daugherty’s novel Night School plus a coffee from Starbucks of her choosing!

Vote for Will!

TMI Source

A few hours ago, we already asked you to vote for Will, but now Cassie has also asked her fans to vote for him and she has promised a very special treat if Will Herondale wins this year’s YA Crush Tournament:

Will is up against Dmitri for the grand finale of the Crush Tourney — and he’s falling behind! Well, vampires are tough competition, it’s true. But just picture his big blue eyes looking at you sadly. 🙂 if not that, picture reading the cave scene from Princess from his POV if he wins.


Yes, you read that right. The cave scene from Will’s point of view!

Right now Will is still behind, but since Cassie’s announcement Will has gained more than 10% and we can do this!

Please vote for Will or Team Cassie/Team Shadowhunter!


YA Crush Tourney Final Four: Will (1) vs. Jem (5)

PS. Cassandra Jean has promised a “sexy Will pinup…

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Divergent On Set!

For those of you fellow Divergent lovers, here is the new MTV  sneak peak into the movie set. I’m trying really hard not to completely fan girl right now, but…

WATCH IT HERE and you will understand.

Theo James could not be more perfect to play Four. The rest of the cast is great, sure, but Theo. Is. Four. After you watch the video, please comment or tweet me your thoughts! I am dying to discuss my excitement with someone!



I know that right about now is when some of us can hit the summer blues. Reading, while it can be an excellent thing perfect way to spend summer, not to mention any time of the year, can keep us holed up and turn us into hermits. This is why I am giving away a copy of C.J. Daugherty’s “Night School,” which I recently wrote a review on, and a Starbucks gift card. Whether it’s coffee, tea, a smoothie, or a cake ball, reading somewhere publicly like a park or a coffee shop has a tendency to keep us human rather than hermit crab. Spread the word and enjoy! For more info, email me or check out the contest’s terms and conditions.

Click the link below to enter!



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