Review Policy

am currently accepting books for review. You can send requests to I ask that you provide a quick blurb so that I can get a feel for the story. I reserve the right to deny requests and to not post reviews of books I did not like. This is rare, but it does happen and I will send you my feedback directly.

I generally do not post degrading reviews; my goal is to promote good authors, not attack bad ones. I rate books on a scale of coffee cups, zero being the lowest and five being the highest.

1 Cup:  Would not recommend and struggled to finish.

2 Cups: It was okay. Mediocre. Probably would not recommend it based on gaping plot holes, multiple grammar mistakes, etc.

3 Cups: I liked it but there was something missing. I would tentatively recommend it; the book might not have been my cup of tea.

4 Cups: Really liked it. It will go on my bookshelf and I will probably read it again.

5 Cups: LOVED IT! It gets a special spot on my bookshelf and I will be keeping up with the author. There may be a fandom involved. I may read it more than a couple of times. 

Occasionally I cannot bring myself to decide between two different coffee cups so I insert a mini cup, which serves as a .5 marker.



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